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How to be human in the world at this time?

Active Hope 
for a Regenerative Culture  that sustains life

Kalapa offers programs and training for a transition towards a nature-inclusive, regenerative culture. Approaching sustainability as more than a technical issue, the programs offer space to question and explore the relationship between us humans and nature, aiming to foster an attitude of empathy and care for all life. This fundamental shift in mindset will allow us to find new ways of living and working with the challenges of our time.

You can find all upcoming events are below. Note: the event will take place in the language in which it is described.

You can also get in touch to explore new collaborations, or  to stay informed, sign up for the newsletter: 

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Ecosystem Restoration & Regenerative Culture Training

20 - 27 Sept 2023   -  SPAIN

yearly since 2021

Some spots left! 

In this course we learn about hands-on landscape restoration at Ecosystem Restoration Camp Altiplano in southern Spain, and explore the cultural dimension of sustainability: what is needed to  accomplish an integral shift in the way we perceive and interact with food production, landscape and nature? 


Academie voor Landschap - serie Landschapspijn

18 Okt, 1 & 22 Nov 2023

jaarlijks serie sinds 2020

Deze serie voor landschapsprofessionals door VVM en NVTL i.s.m. Staatsbosbeheer gaat over het verdwijnen of veranderen van het landschap zoals we dat kennen. Hoe gaan we om met het verlies van waarden, voor onszelf, voor bewoners, bezoekers en anderen?  Met gast-sprekers Matthijs Schouten, Ronald van Marlen, Maike van Stiphout  en Jori Wolf.


More Nature, Deeper Education

26 April 2023 - Wageningen


It is amazing to see the momentum around the topic! over 200 people attended the WUR Dialogue on nature-inclusive education organized with st. NatuurCollege in April. We explored  the potential of nature-inclusive education at WUR and beyond. 

The event was followed-up by two sessions on designing nature-inclusive education. We are currently cooperating with the WUR to realize a teacher training, allowing teachers to apply nature-inclusive methods in their courses.  


WTR Facilitator Development Program

November 2023 - April 2024

In collaboration with Manon Danker, we invite emerging facilitators for a 6-month Facilitator Development Program designed to deepen the knowledge and skills needed in offering the Work that Reconnects.

The first group will start upcoming November. There is currently a waitinglist. Because of the large demand, we plan to repeat the  program November 2024.


ACTIVE HOPE training - passing on the spiral

5 - 9 July 2023 - Wageningen

NEW! This 4-day immersive program allows you a deep-dive into the methods of Joanna Macy, experiencing the Spiral of her work while camping in the Wageningen forest and gathering around the campfire. Part of this new course is the focus on passing on the knowledge, giving you tools to work with the methods in your own community.

This course also counts as a prerequisite for the Facilitator Training that will start in the fall.


workshopdag Werk dat weer Verbindt bij de Bosbeweging

21 Maart 2023 - Wageningen

Hoe meer we ons verbinden met de natuur, hoe meer het contrast met de huidige maatschappij zeer gaat doen. Herkenbaar?  Door middel van het Werk dat weer Verbindt van Joanna Macy  leren we zien hoe juist het omarmen van de pijn kan leiden tot een vernieuwde passie voor al het leven. Al doende, kijken we met nieuwe ogen naar onze plek als mens in deze tijd, en bouwen we aan een regeneratieve cultuur.

Meer info vind je hier.


iWeek: Exploring Regenerative Culture for Sustainability

  yearly event since 2018

this year alternative version: see Active Hope training

An in-depth full week immersion with st. Otherwise Wageningen to reflect on living and working in this time on the planet, and to re-discover connections to self, the other and nature for sustainable living and leadership. Join us for a glorious week of discovery in the forest of Wageningen, exploring practices for a regenerative culture!


Inner Sustainability Events and Practice

spring 2023

yearly events since 2019

Otherwise Wageningen is organising a series of events around inner sustainability, connection to nature and dealing with urgent threats to climate and ecosystems. Events include introductions to Joanna Macy, film nights and the guided audiotours. Keep yourself updated on new events through our facebook page on inner sustainability or subscribe for the newsletter.


Duurzaam Leiderschap  in de Landbouw

okt - nov 2021

De klimaatcrisis is een crisis van ongekende omvang en moet behandeld worden als een noodtoestand. Het is hoog tijd dat de biologische landbouw haar rol als leider op zich neemt. Maar hoe doen we dat? Hoe blijven we zelf gezond en geïnspireerd in ons streven naar een duurzame wereld? In 4 dagen doken we hier samen in als onderdeel van Warmonderhof Trainingen


Organic Business Leadership Academy


De OBLA staat voor leiderschap in en van de biologische landbouw. Het geeft actoren in de biologische landbouw handvatten om het verhaal van de biologische landbouw uit te dragen met passie, moed en visie. Met Ronald van Marlen en Konrad Hauptfleisch.


Empowered Leadership in Uncertain Times

Winter 2022

Spring 2022

Series of 4 workshops for students at Breda University of Applied Sciences: How to empower your leadership in times of uncertainty? How do you deal with your emotions around global issues, and how to tune in to  enduring motivation and passion for change?


Regenerative Culture Training

februari-april 2021 - ONLINE

nov-dec 2020 - ONLINE

This course focuses on re-connection to ourself, to people and nature, while learning about land restoration and putting it into practice. By focusing on Regenerative Culture, the training emphasizes that a transition towards landscape regeneration is not solely a technical pursuit, but requires an integral shift in the way we perceive and interact with landscape and nature. 


Nature Guides st. Otherwise

Winter 2020-2021 - PODCAST NEW: Deep Time Walk audio tour

st. Otherwise Wageningen invites you for a guided walk in nature. Immerse yourself in an investigation of your sense of belonging to this earth and the nature around you. With exercises you can do out in nature and inspiration read by st. Otherwise colleagues and friends. Click for part 1 and part 2 of the series.

Click here for the Deep Time Walk audio tour


Klimaaturgentie: Bio-boeren tussen hoop en wanhoop

12 januari 2022 - ONLINE

20 & 22 januari 2021 - ONLINE

De klimaatcrisis is een crisis van ongekende omvang en moet behandeld worden als een noodtoestand. Het is hoog tijd dat de biologische landbouw haar rol als leider op zich neemt. Maar hoe doen we dat? Bekijk hier de opname van 2022 en hier het gesprek tussen Ronald van Marlen en Lian Kasper tijdens de BioKennisweek 2021

Truth Mandala: carrying our pain for the world

On Demand

Do you worry about the state of the world? Have you ever wondered how to stay sane amidst global challenges? And do you want to address these questions together in your organisation, with your team or with another group? 

The Truth Mandala is a group process of 3-hours that allows us look at our own feelings around global issues and how we can use these feelings to empower our care and love for the world.

On Demand

Walk through the natural history of the earth. Discover the evolutionary path of life. Experience how we are more intimately connected to this planet and all its life than we may have imagined. This walk allows for a fundamental shift of your perception as a human being on this planet, raising questions about responsibility, care and kinship.

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