LIAN KASPER - Program maker / Trainer / Coach on the edge of landscape, nature, identity and sustainable leadership.

Lian develops and organises opportunities for reflection on the bridge between self, society and nature. In her programs, trainings and coaching she creates an intimate space in which the essential questions about being human in this day and age can be addressed. Her experience-based way of working allows people to find new possibilities within themselves for a meaningful life and contribution.

'I believe that as human beings, we are never 'finished'. From this common ground I love to explore what it is to be human together, and what it may mean in this time in history specifically'. 

Lian designed, organised and facilitated the iWeek 2018, 2019 en 2020 for st. Otherwise, a week-long immersive training in sustainable leadership and connection to self, the other and nature for students at Wageningen University. She developed the lecture series and monthly workshops on inner sustainabilityand is a founder of the Academie voor Landschap with yearly series on landscape and ecology.


Lian has been trained as a life and career coach at Adriaan Hoogendijk Coaching en Training, and is facilitator of the Work that Reconnects in the Netherlands. She takes inspiration from Buddhist psychology and the nature-connected way of being that is modelled by several traditional cultures. Besides, she makes intensive use of her own experience on the path of being human, supported by Buddhist retreats and trajectories at Venwoude levensschool. Lian speaks from her own experience; this gives her authenticity and the power to touch and connect. Experience forms the basis of real knowing, and this is also why she uses experience-based methods. 


Lian is broadly engaged and academically trained. As a youth she participated in the United World College program in India (2004-2006) and studied liberal arts at Middlebury College in the US (2006-2010). She continued to obtain an Msc, in landscape architecture at Wageningen University with a thesis-project on 'community supported landscape regeneration', in which her interest in the intimate relationship between people and nature was shaped. She contributes to several projects within the organic agriculturl sector with her colleauges at Land & Co, and forms part of the board of  Werkgroep Landschaps Onderzoek (WLOand the BioAcademy

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Kalapa is the Buddhist term for the smallest bundle of attributes from which reality is build. It refers to a worldview in which we are both incredibly small in the face of creation, as well as having a fundamentally valuable role in it. An attitude of simplicity in which depth, beauty and connection become tangible.      -      (+31) 0618415566

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