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iWEekend: Regenerative Culture for Sustainability

4-day course in the Work that Reconnects – 5-9 juli - Wageningen

Do you care about the world and worry where it is going...?

Do you want to reconnect to yourself, others and the living world around you and

explore practices that help you to grow an inspired resilience in these confusing times?

Come join us in the forest for a 4-day journey from i to WE.


The iWEkend is a 4-day intensive outdoor experience where we explore our relationship to the living world as a foundation for sustainability. We use many practices from The Work That Reconnects, developed by Buddhist scholar, eco-philosopher and activist Joanna Macy. This work aims to re-ignite a thriving connection to life in ourselves, with others and the non-human world  by fully experiencing the beauty and wonder of nature but also fully acknowledging how we feel about loss and decay. During this training you learn various nature and community based practices that you can take further in your personal or and professional life to activate hope whereever you go.


During this long weekend we camp at ecovillage Ppauw in Wageningen from where we can explore the surrounding nature and find a home to live as a temporary community. Ecovillage Ppauw is a special place where a diverse group of people practice alternative ways of inhabiting this planet.

Practical information:


Dates: July 5 at 16.00 - July 9 at 16.00



Support price: €625

Regular price:  €475

Discount price: €325


The fee iWEkend covers 4 full days of workshops, camping and home-cooked organic meals. Toilet and showering facilities are eco-village stylebasic. The river is nearby for swimming.


There are categories of pricing to support young people, students and less advantaged income groups. For every person that pays the support price, a discount place can be offered to somebody else. We encourage those who can receive compensation from their jobs to go for the support price. If you want to pay the normal price but still offer support, feel free to add an amount that you are willing to give. We are thankful that we can make this experience possible for everyone.

If you register for a discount price, please know that this depends on the solidarity payments and your place can only be secured when these are available. We encourage you to also look for support in your personal environment to make participation possible. We are looking for additional subsidy to enlarge the capacity for low income groups to join.



Please register through this link. Your registration will be complete once your payment has been received. The payment is not refundable after the 4th of June 2023.

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