From Pain to Love: Dealing with our Feelings for the World 

Workshop in the Work that Reconnects – Sunday 24 November - Wageningen


How to deal with climate crisis, suffering and injustice in the world? Where to find the energy to keep striving towards a better future? In this day-long workshop we use the work that reconnects by Joanna Macy to share our feelings around current global issues, explore how we can go through these feelings, and how we can use them effectively to stay energized and empowered in our love and care for the planet. Using interactive excercises, we rediscover our embeddedness in the wider web of life and nature, from which we can draw lasting motivation, inspiration and energy to stand for what we believe in.

​Joanna Macy is an American climate activist, systems thinker and Buddhist scholar that has been contributing to the mental wellbeing of humanitarians for decades. Responding to signs of weariness and burn-out amongst her activist friends in de 80's, she designed a collection of exercises for groups to support each other in creating a regenerative culture and practice that is connected to self, the other and nature.

Sunday 24 November 2019 - 9.00 - 17.00

Kenkon, Nieuwe Kanaal 11, Wageningen

€65/€45 for students (lunch included)

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